At Wifi Guru Ltd, we believe everyone deserves access to the transformative power of the internet. That’s why we’re dedicated to bridging the digital divide, one underserved community at a time. We focus on two key areas:

Affordable Internet for Low-Income Households:

We know the internet is no longer a luxury, but a vital tool for education, healthcare, employment, and social connection. Yet, far too many families struggle with sky-high internet costs, leaving them disconnected and marginalized. We break down that barrier by offering:

  • Ultra-low-cost internet plans: Tailored to fit any budget, our plans deliver high-speed connectivity at a fraction of the usual price.
  • Flexible options: Choose from prepaid or postpaid plans, with data packages to suit your family’s needs.
  • Easy access: No credit checks, contracts, or hidden fees. Simply sign up and get connected!

Free Internet for Slum Schools:

Education unlocks potential, but in impoverished communities, even basic resources like textbooks and classrooms are scarce. Imagine the possibilities when access to the boundless world of online learning is added to the equation! We empower slum schools by providing:

  • Free, high-speed internet access: Opening doors to online educational resources, virtual libraries, and interactive learning platforms.
  • Technical support and training: We equip teachers and students with the skills and knowledge to navigate the digital world.
  • Partnerships with educational NGOs: Together, we create comprehensive e-learning solutions that cater to the specific needs of underserved communities.

Our Impact

Since our inception, we've connected over 4,000 low-income households and 5 slum schools each with about 1,000 pupils to the internet. That's over 12,000 individuals empowered with the tools to learn, grow, and build a brighter future.

We are driven by the stories of

  • The single mother who finally landed a remote job after learning new skills online.
  • The student who aced their exams thanks to access to online study materials.
  • The school that saw its dropout rate plummet due to engaging e-learning programs.