Develop with Wifi Guru

Ensure your properties are future-proof with Wifi Guru’s cutting-edge fiber connectivity solutions. We help you create developments that meet the demands of modern living. 

Benefits of patnering with Wifi Guru

  • Unlock a new revenue stream, ensuring a sustainable source of income beyond traditional property sales and rentals.
  • Create future-proofed living spaces that cater to the evolving needs of residents and anticipate technological advancements.
  • Set yourself apart in the competitive property market, attracting tech-savvy buyers and tenants seeking modern amenities.
  • Future-proofed developments equipped with advanced connectivity infrastructure command higher market value and rental premiums, delivering superior returns on investment your stakeholders.


How is the revenue Share structured?

The innovative revenue share model allows the developer to earn 20% of the internet revenue generated from their properties. This arrangement ensures that both parties benefit financially from the collaboration while enhancing the living experience for residents.

How does Wifi Guru ensure seamless connectivity and maintenance

Wifi Guru leverages its expertise in providing high-speed, reliable internet to ensure seamless connectivity for all residents. This includes comprehensive installation, continuous maintenance, and exceptional customer service to address any issues promptly and efficiently.

What are the benefits for residents?

Residents will enjoy immediate WiFi activation upon entering their homes, thanks to the plug-and-play connections. Additionally, they can expect consistent, high-speed internet, minimal downtime, and top-notch customer support, enhancing their overall living experience and satisfaction. arcu. Aliquam ullamcorper eros justo, vel mollis neque facilisis vel. Proin augue tortor, condimentum id sapien a, tempus venenatis massa. Aliquam egestas eget diam sed sagittis. Vivamus consectetur purus vel felis molestie sollicitudin. Vivamus sit amet enim nisl. Cras vitae varius metus, a hendrerit ex. Sed in mi dolor. Proin pretium nibh non volutpat efficitur.

How does this partnership prepare the developments for the era of smart homes and IoT?

By integrating cutting-edge fiber connectivity and robust internet infrastructure, this partnership ensures that  properties are equipped to support smart home devices and IoT applications. This future-proofing strategy positions developments at the forefront of technological advancements in property management.